Reasons to Switch Over to Cheap LED Lights

You must have heard about LED flashlights, LED indicators or small LED lights on the cameras of phones. But have you heard of domestic LED lights? LED bulbs are not as popular as their “yellow” counterparts. These bulbs can be used in the lamps or sockets of your home. They are less popular mainly because they are more expensive than normal bulbs. They are expensive because they have more features regarding heat management and their electronic functioning. But you should know that these bulbs are a huge improvement over incandescent bulbs, as not only do they consume less electricity, they also produce more light for the same wattage.

You must be wondering why, if these lights cost so much, you should buy them. Well, there are several online shops that sell cheap LED lights for a fraction of the cost that you may see in brick and mortar shops. Online shops are offering them for as low as $1.5. Of course, you need to know the wattage you require.

Benefits of using these lights

These lights have several benefits over the traditional incandescent lights.

  1. LEDs last about 25 times longer that incandescent ones and almost three times as long as CFLs. Install one of these today and it will last for years. Now, you may wonder if cheap LEDs will also last in the same way. Be assured, all LEDs are the same. It’s just that you are getting them cheap because the seller has decided to sell them at a discounted price.
  2. We all know how hot incandescent bulbs become when used for a long time. This is because they convert only 5-10% of electricity into light, whereas the rest is converted into heat. LED lights, however, convert almost 60% of electricity into light, which in turn means that they consume very much less electricity. This also means that by using these lights you are actually helping save the environment.

Despite so many benefits you may still be planning to buy LED Flood Lights that will cost you only a few dollars! If you do, you may spend another $200 in replacing these and in paying your electricity bill. In the past you had the excuse that LED lights were expensive. But now, with cheap LED lights, what excuse do you have not to use these, and, in the process pay lower bills and save the environment?

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